I will help you to get superpowers for the 21st century.

Jan Hovad

Metalearner, Essentialist, Biohacker, Stoic,
Minimalist, Creator, Tech guy & Astronomer


revolution in self-education

I implement Metalearning in a number of projects that help tens of thousands of people. My coaching will show you how to learn anything in an extremely short period of time with respect to your body and mind.

How can I help you?

I have read more than 700 bestsellers with speed-reading and thousands of impacted studies. I listened to hundreds of interviews and performed hundreds of practical experiments on myself and other people. I invested a lot of time and money to obtain a comprehensive know-how. I can practically assist you in the following areas.
metalearning konzultace


You will learn to look for the 20% of the inputs that will get you to the 80% level of an expert within a very short time.

metaworking konzultace


You will learn to execute your work for a week in just a few hours. I will teach you a new approach to work efficiently.

biohacking konzultace


This new field is popularized mainly by people such as Dave Asprey, Tim Ferriss and others. It is going to be a hit of this century. Improve functioning of your body at all levels through innovative approaches.

stres konzultace

Stress management

I've had 10-year long experience of panic attacks, anxiety and collapses. I will show you practical tools & techniques to get rid of them.

meditace konzultace


I have meditated for 40 minutes a day for two years. I have analyzed books on mindfulness, created project Bettermind.cz and I constantly practiced all of it on myself. I am not only offering dozens of conservative techniques but primarily very effective techniques including Wim Hof's method.

jazyky konzultace

Foreign languages

In project prectime.cz I taught thousands of students how to learn foreign languages in a modern way in just three months. It will show you how to do that step by step.

návyky konzultace

Formation of habits

How to include more positive habits in your day? How to eliminate negative habits? How to enjoy the whole journey as well? During our consultations, you will gradually convert positive habits to the level of auto performance. Your life will change dramatically.

paměť konzultace

Working with memory

You will learn to memorize hundreds of words forwards and backward within a very short time. You will master techniques like Locci, Memory Palace, Memory Palace Matrix or Major system. You'll become a memory champion.

váha konzultace

Gaining weight

Loosing weight is highly demanded service. But what about rapid weight gain, the exact opposite? I use biohacking and scientifically based protocols (Occam / McGuff). I'll walk the entire journey with you, I'll show you how to do it.


Zjistit více

online consultations

If you're like me, you know that investing in your self-improvement is the right path. I know that if I invest in education and experience, I will always get more in return. As a result, I spent tens of thousands of dollars on education, reading more than 700 bestsellers, various workshops, online programs and other sources of high-quality know-how. This program, however, is different. This is an opportunity to learn much more about yourself in a short period of time and grow as fast as never before.

90 minutes

We'll find out if I can help you.


  • Individual guidance
  • Duration 90 minutes
  • 100% privacy
  • Skype | Hangouts | Prague
  • Free reschedule

5 sessions

Package of 5 consultations, each lasting 60 minutes.


  • Individual guidance
  • 1 consultation length = 90 minutes
  • 100% privacy
  • Skype | Hangouts | Prague
  • Free reschedule

15 sessions

Package of 15 consultations, each lasting 60 minutes.


  • Individual guidance
  • 1 consultation length = 90 minutes
  • 100% privacy
  • Skype | Hangouts | Prague
  • Free reschedule

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